Life Way Staff

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  • Dr. Allen Williams - Head of School

    Mrs. Tracey Murphy - Preschool Director

    Mr. Brian Hellard - Elementary and Middle School Principal

    Mr. Justin Moseley - Junior High and High School Principal

  • Tracey Murphy - Preschool Director

    Christina Owenby - Preschool Administrative Assistant/Admissions

    Jaci Weems - PK2 Instructor

    Bryana Fulcher - PK3 Instructor

    Patty Ostrand - PK3 Instructor

    Kaitlyn Terry - PK3 Instructor

    Nicole Ketner - PK4 Instructor

    Crystal Lawrence - PK4 Instructor

    Jennifer McCamey - PK4 Instructor

    Meredith Price - PK4 Instructor

  • Brian Hellard - Principal

    Lisa Goates - Administrative Assistant/Admissions

    Karen Allison - Kindergarten Teacher

    Rebecca Early - Kindergarten Teacher

    Marty Edwards - 1st grade Teacher

    Katie Weaver - 1st grade Teacher

    Ashlee Spencer - 2nd grade Teacher

    Cassie Waddel - 2nd grade Teacher

    Angela Carter - 3rd grade Teacher

    Beth Finlayson - 3rd grade Teacher

    Haleigh Mattingly - 4th grade Teacher

    Kate Tillery - 4th grade Teacher

    Catherine Wilson - 4th grade Teacher

    Jason Edwards - 5th/6th grade Teacher

    Peter Gordon - 5th/6th grade Teacher

    Kerri Ellis - 5th/6th grade Teacher

    Pamela Vaughan - 5th/6th grade Teacher

    Stephanie Brungardt - Art

    Kari Moseley - Computer

    David Poemoceah - Music

    George Baxley - PE

    Laura Tidwell - Library

    Jenna Buettemeyer - Explore/Stem

  • Justin Moseley - Principal

    Veronika Chen - Administrative Assistant/Admissions

    Sarah Swanepoel - Guidance Counselor

    Cheryl Wells - 7th grade Teacher                                             Chelle Shaddox- 7th/8th grade Teacher

    Warren Gaydusek - 7th/8th grade Teacher                             Matt Klamm - 7th/8th grade Teacher

    Marcy LeFevre - 7th/8th grade Teacher                                   Craig Vawter - 7th/8th grade Teacher

    Stephanie Brungardt - JH Art                                                   Kari Moseley - JH Computer                                

    David Poemoceah - JH Performing Arts

    James Bowers - HS Bible                                                          Catey Campbell - HS History

    Joshua Cook - HS History                                                         Karen Couch - HS Math

    Suzanne Cox - HS Home EC/Health                                         Warren Gaydusek - HS Math

    Lee Donell - HS Bible                                                                Kelly Lamp - HS English

    Rachelle Marquez - Spanish                                                     Tricia Richardson - HS English/Yearbook

    Susan Selby - HS Science                                                        Blake Selby - HS Art

    Ross Kelly - HS Business



    Matt Klamm - Varsity                                                          Warren Gaydusek - Varsity


    George Baxley - JH Boys                                                    Kathryn Britton - JH Girls

    Brian Hellard - Varsity Boys and JH Boys                           Justin Moseley - Varsity Girls


    Jason Edwards - JH and Varsity Boys and Girls


    Jason Edwards - Varsity Boys


    James Bowers - Varsity Girls                                              Lee Donell - Varsity Boys


    Laura Tidwell - JH and Varsity Boys and Girls                     


    Jason Edwards - JH and Varsity Boys and Girls


    Ross Kelly - Varsity Girls                                                      Chelle Shaddox - JH Girls