Welcome to Life Way Christian School

Life Way Christian School believes that a rigorous and challenging academic program is a key ingredient to the overall spiritual formation plan for our students. Our goal is to see each student come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and have an understanding of His word, of the current condition of the world, and an understanding of varyious ideologies. As a result of Life Way’s academic program, our students will be equipped with the biblical wisdom and knowledge needed to engage the marketplace of ideas and impact the world for Christ.

Preschool– We believe that every child is created by God and is a unique and gifted individual with the curiosity and desire to learn and grow. Within a Christ-like, nurturing, and safe environment, our teachers will nurture, love, and build up each child in order to see them grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Elementary School– We believe that during these foundational and influential years, students must be challenged with the truth of God’s word as they begin to be introduced to the world of ideas that must be taken captive for Christ. During this active and every changing time of life, our teachers will build each student up in Christ, laying down fundamental biblical truths that will guide each student as they grow and mature.

Middle School– We believe that this is the time in a student’s life when they are constantly inquiring about the world around them and they are solidifying many of the beliefs and values that they will cling to for life. We believe that a rigorous and challenging academic program, led by a loving and qualified faculty, will help lead these students through these transitional years and point them to the truth of God’s word and equip them for high school and beyond.

High School– We believe that by this time in a student’s life, they should be equipped with a biblical worldview that can now be fostered and built on in order to prepare students to engage the marketplace of ideas in a way that glorifies God and allows them to fulfill His original intent of giving biblical leadership and influence to every field of study and profession.

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