An athlete is not crowned unless competing according to the rules.
~ 2 Timothy 2:5

britton headshot
Kathryn Britton
Athletic Director

Life Way Christian School offers a well-rounded sports program where students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports activities. We believe that our athletes and coaches are representatives of not only our school, but of Jesus Christ as well. Our goal as an athletic department is to compete to the best of our abilities. This means playing hard, playing to the best of our ability, and at all times playing with honor. Victories are not always determined by the scoreboard, and as such our athletics are taught to live out their faith while competing as sports are an excellent avenue to lead others to Christ.

“Sportsmanship, the ability to win without bragging,
lose without complaining, and play while respecting others.”

Meet Our Coaches

Britton, Kathryn staff photo
Kathryn Britton
Athletic Director
Varsity Girls Basketball
Cynthia Gregory staff photo
Cynthia Gregory

Matthew Klamm
Varsity Baseball
Bob Metcalf staff photo
Bob Metcalf
JH Boys Basketball
James Bowers staff photo
James Bowers
JH & Varsity Soccer

Meet Our Teams


2017 Baseball Team Photo Baseball
Coach: Matthew Klamm
Basketball Boys Varsity Team Photo Basketball Varsity Boys
Coach: Michael Sons
Basketball Boys Junior Varsity Team Photo Basketball Junior Varsity Boys
Coach: Michael Sons
Basketball Girls Varsity Team Photo Basketball Girls
Coach: Kat Britton
Cheer Team Photo Cheerleading
Coach: Cynthia Gregory
Cross Country
Coach: Jennifer Clelland
Life Way Golf Team Photo Golf
Coach: Nick Bartmier
2017 Shooting Team Photo Shooting Team
Coach: Stuart Sage
Soccer Varsity Team Photo Soccer
Coach: James Bowers
2017 Softball Team Photo Softball
Coach: Michael Sons
Track and Field Team Photo Track & Field
Coach: Lee Donell
Volleyball Varsity Team Photo Volleyball
Coach: Michael Sons

Junior High

JH Basketball Boys
Coach: Bob Metcalf

JH Basketball Girls
Coach: Cindy Sons

JH Soccer
Coach: James Bowers

JH Basketball Girls
Coach: Cindy Sons

JH Track & Field
Coach: Jennifer Clelland
volleyball team
JH Volleyball
Coach: Cindy Sons

Athletics Calendar

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