Welcome to Life Way Christian School.  We are so thankful that you are interested in finding out more about Life Way.  Our desire for this school year and every year is:

FIRST, our aim is to see students come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow in biblical character.  The heart of a person will influence the mind and actions and therefore, it is the heart of the child we seek to influence first and foremost.

SECOND, our aim is to teach the foundational skills our young people need in order to build upon in future years.  This is why we teach language, history, math, science, bible, health and more.  Students must have a basic knowledge of God and this world in order to enhance their God-given potential to fulfill the creation mandate.

THIRD, our aim is to give opportunity for expression and communication through the arts, language, and extracurricular opportunities.

All of these things are done with the chief aim of building up our young people in their God-given potential so they can glorify Him more and more with their lives.

We are looking forward to meeting you and Lord willing, partnering with you in the years to come!
Serving Him,

Justin Moseley
Life Way Interim Administrator